The Wasowo Palace is a full-service conference and hotel complex conveniently located just 50 km from the city of Poznan. Situated in the ancient 300-year-old English style park, the complex offers a truly magical, charming experience away from the busy world.

The Palace interiors, including guest rooms, conference rooms and the Restaurant, all resemble antique, romantic style and bring in the memories of old historic events that took place inside these walls hundred years ago.
The hotel offers four stylistically different facilities:
      The Hardt Palace
The Hardt Palace is the main building of the Wasowo Palace and Park Complex offering 29 guestrooms.
Hotel Amenities:  Restaurant, Cafeteria, Park Hall Conference & Banquet Room, Conference Rooms, Pool Table Lounge, Recreation Center: Swimming Pool, Sauna, 
  The Sczaniecki Palace
Situated approximately 40 meters from the Hardt Palace, the Szczaniecki Palace offers 14 guestrooms and an up to 100-person Conference Room.
  The Gardener's House
The Gardener’s House located in a close proximity of the Hardt Palace (150m) is a historical 100-year-old rural–style building featuring 6 guestrooms with 12 beds. 
  The Wasowo Farmstead
Situated approximately 800m from the Hardt Palace and Park Complex, the Wasowo Farmstead offers a truly unique glimpse into a different way of lifestyle of the past. The village consists of three, 4-bedroom farm-like cottages with a backyard perfect for play or a barbecue.
The Farmstead features a MINI ZOO – a place where you can explore different types of birds, rabbits, llamas, a herd of fallow deer and more. The Farmstead is frequently visited by school or kindergarten children who can enjoy a special tour and many educational programs. 

The Wasowo Palace offers its guests 130 beds in suites, single rooms, double rooms and triple room settings.
Facility Number of rooms Number of beds Number of dormitory places with extra beds
The Hardt Palace 29 60 75
The Sczaniecki Palace 14 34 41
The Gardner's House 6 12 14
The Wasowo Farmstead 12 24 24
Total: 61 130 154

The Wasowo Palace is a truly unique, 4-star complex offering its guests a truly unique experience. All buildings feature spacious rooms with king or queen-size beds. Each room is decorated differently allowing for a new and unique experience during each stay.  

The Gardener’s House and the Wasowo Farmstead feature rustic style conformity with the 3-star standards.

Rates per Guest

Number of Rooms Type of rooms for 1 person for 2 people for 3 people for 4 people
7 Suites and Suite Rooms
The Hardt Palace and The Sczaniecki Palace
350 PLN 450 PLN 520 PLN 590 PLN
36 Palace Rooms
The Hardt Palace and The Sczaniecki Palace
230 PLN 330 PLN 400 PLN 470 PLN
6 Rustic Style Rooms
The Gardner's House
180 PLN 250 PLN 320 PLN 390 PLN
12 Rustic Style Rooms
The Palace Farmstead
160 PLN 220 PLN    
VAT included.
Extra bed in room - 70 PLN.
Included in price: buffet style breakfast, access to: sauna, swimming pool, pool table lounge.