Available attractions:
  • Swimming Pool
  • Sauna
  • Pool Table Lounge
  • Hiking/walking trails around the park
  • Mini Golf
  • Horse Carriage Rides
  • Fridge horse-drawn sleigh rides (winter)
  • Mini ZOO at Palace Farmstead
  • Grill Arbor
Hotel kids - friendly:
  • Little bed with bedlinen (cot), changing table, bath for kids, potty, bottle warmer, access to microwave, special menu for kids, seasonal playground outside

Local tourist attractions:
  • Lipowa street in Wasowo – historical alley with house buildings from beginnings of XIX century
  • Wickerwork and Hop growing Museum in Nowy Tomysl
  • The biggest in the world wicker basket in Nowy Tomysl
  • Locomotive shed in Wolsztyn